Intrducing GoScan (aka a reason to learn Go)

It’s been a while since I wanted to carve the time to learn Go. Everyone seemed to love it, so I wanted to give a try.

I started by reading The Little Go Book. My reaction after a couple of hours?

I was already in love: many aspects similar to C, concurrency almost transparent to the programmer, etc. The only thing that confused me is how Go treats arrays…

I needed a project to experiment on, so I took the chance to get rid of a bunch of python scripts I used to perform network enumeration during a pentest.

Introducing GoScan

GoScan is an interactive network scanner client, featuring auto-complete, which provides abstraction and automation over nmap.

It can be used to perform host discovery, port scanning, and service enumeration in situations where being stealthy is not a priority, and time is limited (think at CTFs, OSCP, exams, etc.).


Installation and usage instructions can be found on Github.

GoScan can be found on Github: