Consulting & Coaching


I consult companies and organizations on a broad range of topics, from helping to design and build security programs and secure systems from the ground up, to developing and implementing secure applications, and performing security assessments.

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CI/CD security

Infrastructure as code, terraform, CI/CD pipelines, etc.

Cloud environments security


Container security

Kubernetes security



Design and implementation of modern cloud-native architectures

Security Reviews

Review the design and security posture of your workloads

Security Assessments

Assessment of your environments against best practices with an actionable remediation plan


Personalized support in all the strategic stages of your projects



I offer 1-1s focused on senior technical leadership roles, and how to get there and perform beyond expectations.

What topics have you covered in the past?

I have covered a vast breadth of various topics that accelerated each person's own journey. Some example scenarios include:

  • Where to invest for the most impact on personal growth
  • The best approaches to successfully building high-performing (security) teams
  • Influencing non-technical stakeholders
  • Discussing trade-offs in making complex and wide-reaching decisions

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