Offensive iOS Exploitation Training Course


    2016 - 2018

The Offensive iOS Exploitation workshop is an exercise-driven training course that uses detailed tutorials to guide the attendees through all the steps necessary to exploit a real iOS application, and in the process, provide them an understanding of the modern attacker's mind-set and capabilities. The course cover iOS hacking, from the basics of vulnerability hunting on the platform to advanced exploitation techniques. In addition, this workshop use MWR's newly released "Needle" to identify and exploit all the common mobile application security flaws, over and above the OWASP Mobile Top Ten.

At its conclusion, it will have imparted the information necessary to develop secure and robust applications. Other take-aways will include how to develop secure mobile applications that can withstand advanced attacks, how hackers attack mobile applications and iOS devices, and the most up to date and effective secure coding practices.

  • DEEPSEC 2016